Xowii Canada – Network Marketing Prelaunch Opportunity

With network marketing the majority of success comes from people who get in early. There is a statistic amongst MLMs where of the first 100,000 distributors, 80% of them will make money. If you were to signup for Monavie or Quickstar you would already be the 3,000,000th or worse signed up into the system.

Now, just because you get in late doesn’t mean you can’t make money. What it means is that you are going to have to go up against a ton of competition. With a new product, it is unlikely that anybody in your advocare find a distributor area will have ever heard of the product, making it certain that they have never been pitched in the past.

This is where Xowii comes in, especially in Canada. While there are only around 12,000 distributors in Xowii thus far globally, only a few thousand are in Canada. The company only officially launched in the United States on October 4th, leaving opportunity knocking on all of our doors.

Xowii Canada will officially launch in Feb of 2010, meaning now is the time to get your downline developed. Build your network properly now and in a few months when the product is available for retail sales, you can watch your earnings go through the roof. The first month after Xowii launched the company set an MLM record doing sales upwards of 1.2 million.

Now just 2 months after launch Xowii has already been rated the #1 opportunity by MLM 500. Sound interesting yet?

Now, for the next lesson in network marketing success. In order to really be successful you need to be part of a very strong team. There are a few reasons why team work are essential for success in this business.

First of all, in order to take the burden off having to build both your right and left leg in a binary, your upline should be building one side for you. If they are doing their job and getting those leads on your team leg, you will only need to worry about your power leg. Without a team to build your team leg, you will be left building both sides on your own which in turn doubles your work for half the payout.

The second reason your team is important is because they are the ones who will keep you motivated and keep you on track. Any good Xowii Team will be meet up at least once a week. These meetings help keep individual motivated as well as provides a venue for distributors to bring in potential new recruits. Stronger teams have even been know to offer additional compensation to the team members for hitting certain goals.

If you get in on at the right time and combine that with the right team, you are taking all the right steps to ensure you succeed in this business. Once you’ve been trained and understand who to approach and how you should approach them network marketing becomes a numbers game.

Good luck on your Xowii endeavors.


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